Man Wins the Lottery on the Same Day He Finishes Cancer Treatments

Ronnie Foster’s day went from great to incredible. On the day that was already slated to be his final treatment for cancer Ronnie, a retired state worker, decided to buy a lottery ticket for $1. He won $5. Deciding to not stop there he let his luck ride. Initially he planned on buying a $5 ticket, but at the last minute decided to buy two of them. He scratched the first ticket and came up empty. The second ticket however, was a different story. Ronnie scratched it to reveal that he had won $200,000! He said that he didn’t believe it until the cashier scanned it and told him he had to go to the Lottery HQs, where he walked away with $141,501 after taxes!

Ronnie says he has great insurance, but will use the money to help pay off his medical debt. Hopefully Ronnie has enough left over to treat himself to a nice vacation, I am sure he could use it after going through his treatments.

Source: Today

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