12-Year-Old Makes Bows Ties for Shelter Pets

via Beaux & Paws/ FB

Beaux & Paws, a company started by 12-year-old Darius Brown, provides handcrafted bows for shelter dogs in the NJ area to help them get adopted faster. The bows are stylish and help attract attention to them in the shelter and in their photos online.

“If you have a passion for anything that you do and love, don’t wait until you’re like 30 or 40, just start it now and just pursue it, and never give up, and just continue.”

Darius Brown

Darius started the company after being moved by seeing images of animals displaced by Hurricane Harvey. Darius, who struggled with speech and motor skill delays, has seen an improvement in himself since undertaking this new endeavor. His family has noticed an increase maturity and passion from the young man who has been commended by former President Barack Obama for his great work.

Darius started a GoFundMe and exceeded his goal to take his bows to shelter pets all across the country. You can find out more on their Facebook page: Beaux & Paws

Source: Inside Edition

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