Army Veteran’s Dog Finds His Way Home

This good boy, Tango a 2 year-old pupper, was scared by fireworks on the 4th of July and ran off. His parents, Tim and Dinorah Tamburello, who happens to be 8 months pregnant, searched for him for 5 days. Ultimately it was Tango’s nose that led him home.

Tim, an Iraq War Veteran, enlisted the help of a professional pet tracker, another good boy named Enzo. Enzo, a 3-year-old working dog, got Tango’s scent and led Tim and Dinorah to a wooded area several miles from their house. Believing that Tango was hiding and too scared to come out, they left a trail of their items bearing their scent along the way back to their home.

Sure enough, the next morning Tango was found waiting on the doorsteps. He was hungry and exhausted, but nothing some food and a trip to the vet couldn’t fix.

Stories that end with humans reunited with their pups are the best.

Source: CBS2

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