This Kentucky Cafe Provides Excellent Food, No Matter Your Means.

Via Spark Community Cafe’ / FB

If your pockets are full, pay-it-forward. 

If your pockets are light, pay-what-you-can.

If your pockets are empty, volunteer your time.

This is the motto of the Spark Community Cafe in Versailles, KY. According to their website, Spark seeks “to ensure an excellent, farm-to-table dining experience for all our customers, regardless of means”. 

They are a “pay what you can” style restaurant that serves high quality food and emphasizes volunteerism. They use fresh produce for all of their dishes and give a suggested $ amount for each item on the menu.

For many families struggling to pay the bills, going out to eat at a nice restaurant with high quality, fresh produce is just not possible. Because of Spark these families now have that opportunity to enjoy that experience. Spark is also encouraging people to become more involved in the community, and the potential positive impact of that cannot be overstated.

A restaurant where the rich and the poor can sit shoulder to shoulder and share a delicious meal, more of this please.

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