Batman is Rescuing Shelter Pets

When a Shelter pet finds their FURever home and they need a ride to safety, Batman is the Caped Crusader for the job. The Dark Knight, also known as Chris Van Dorn, is the founder of Batman4Paws an NPO that provides rescue transport for shelter pets who have been adopted or fostered.

While Chris admits it is not necessary to dress up as Batman to do this job he says it does help to raise awareness for shelter pets and the need for more adoptions.

“It kind of just came as a way to embody all the good I wanted to do in the world,” Van Dorn said, “and make it easy for people to talk to me right off the bat.”

Like all good heroes, the mask protects his secret identity and also keeps the focus on the animals and not himself. His catchphrase is “It’s not who I am underneath but what I do that defines me”.

Chris is a true hero in my book.

Source: MSN

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