Stranger on Airplane Shows Mom There are Still Kind People in the World

Alexa Bjornson was worried about her son, Landon a 7-year-old who was going to be taking her first solo plane trip. She was also worried about Landon’s seat mate. Landon, who has high-functioning autism, was traveling to visit his father, and Alexa was worried he might ask his seat mate “are we there yet?” a million times.

Alexa gave her son Landon a note to give his seat mate, whoever it was, explaining that he was autistic, and a $10 for their trouble. When Landon took his seat he handed the note to the person sitting next to him and what happened next will restore your faith in humanity.

via Alexa Bjornson, FB

Ben Pedraza sat next to Landon and the two became friends. Ben wrote the note to Landon’s mother letting her know how great Landon was on the flight and he donated the $10 to the Autism Society.

Such a beautiful story. There are so many good people in the world.

Source: USA Today

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