Nuns & Nones: An Unlikely Friendship

Source: Nuns & Nones

A 6 month residency program is giving religiously unaffiliated twenty-somethings the opportunity to learn from nuns who have dedicated their life to service.

Nuns & Nones, named because of the pairing of nuns and a group of millennials who check the box “none” when asked about their religious affiliation.

For the first few years since its inception Nuns & Nones connecting groups in several cities throughout the country where the nuns and “nones’ met monthly or bi-monthly to converse and see what they could learn from each other.

Back in November, however, 5 millennials wanted a more immersive experience so they went to stay at the Mercy Center in California. They wanted to learn from the nuns who are social activists who live communal lives in service to a cause greater than themselves. The nuns wanted to impart their wisdom to the younger generation.

Over the 6 month program the nuns and millennials formed a strong relationship of mutual admiration and desire for social justice.

“I haven’t had the opportunity to listen to such a diverse faith group. Their desire for spirituality is very alive. I have been really blessed finding a resonance of values, hopes and dreams, and openness to the Spirit.”

Sister Gloria Marie Jones

To do justice to this story you really need to read the long form source article. It tells a hopeful story of an unlikely pairing. Do yourself a favor and give it a read on Faith & Leadership

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