West Virginia Child With Autism Greets Trash Collectors Every Thursday With a Hug

This week, Noah Cooper baked chocolate chip cookies for the Waste Management employees and gave them gift cards to Wendy’s. (WCHS)

“His autism doesn’t do anything but honestly make him more loving.

Here is a very sweet story to power you through your day. Noah Cooper is 6 years old and has autism. His mother says his autism only makes him more loving. He likes to greet everyone with a hug, but especially the men who collect the garbage every Thursday morning.

“He wants the alarms set, he wants the TVs off so he can hear.” said Tracey Cooper, Noah’s mom, and of the trash collectors she added, “They have gone above and beyond, stopping the vehicle, getting out to hug him,”

No matter what the weather is like Noah is ready every morning to greet his friends, sometimes he even makes them cookies. We could all learn a lot from Noah. We should all strive to show our appreciation to people who provide us a service that tends to get overlooked. What would some of us do without trash collectors?

Source: Fox Lexington

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