This Nurse Jumped Into a River and Saved The Life of a Stranger

“It’s true heroism, honestly, to do that for someone that you don’t even know without even giving it a second thought,”

Andrew Lunn, a nurse at Anchorage Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Salisbury, MD can now add “hero” to his title as well. On Tuesday afternoon when he had just arrived at work he witnessed a car reverse off an embankment and into the river. The car began to submerge quickly with the driver trapped inside.

With no time to call 911, Lunn called out to some of his coworkers and sprang into action. While his coworkers called 911 and threw life preservers into the water, Lunn jumped into the river. directed the driver of the car to unbuckle his seat belt and roll down the window. Lunn was able to pull the driver out of the window and to safety.

Police believe the 55-year-old driver accidentally hit the gas with the car in reverse, according to Kaiser. Had Lunn not acted as quickly and selflessly as he did, it is likely the incident would have ended much more tragically.

Source: USA Today

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