2-Year-Old Once Diagnosed With Rare Form of Cancer is Now Cancer Free

McKenna Shea Xydias, called “Kenni” was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer back in February. It was a shocking discovery for doctors and her parents. After having a temperature for a couple of days and bloating in her stomach he doctor thought she just had gas. As the issue persisted her parents took her to the hospital where they discovered the mass around her ovaries.

Kenni underwent 4 rounds of chemotherapy to aggressively fight back against the cancer. Her parents documented her journey on Facebook: Fight With Kenni On June 12th Kenni’s doctor delivered the news they had been hoping for, the scans were clearn, Kenni was cancer free!

This adorable little girl captured national attention back when she was first diagnosed, because of the rarity of this form of cancer, and because of her infectious personality. Kenni and her parents now hope to use her story to educate and inform others on the warning signs ovarian and other forms of cancer.

On a personal note as a father of 2 little girls Kenni’s story really hit home for me and I am so so happy that she is cancer free. As a parent you always think “what if this was my child” and her parents seemed to handle all of this with such grace, it was really inspiring, and I thank God her story has a happy ending. Way to kick cancer’s butt, Kenni!

Follow Fight With Kenni on Facebook to keep up with her story.

Source: GMA

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