Schools Rewarded For Students Performing Kind Acts

“It’s one thing to preach kindness and to ask our staff and our students to be kind, but it’s another thing to do acts of kindness. We have to physically show and demonstrate what those acts of kindness are, so that it does have that ripple effect to hopefully change the world.”

A new organization Do Kind is rewarding schools being acts of kindness. The way it works is schools have 24 hours to perform and document 50 acts of kindness, and if they do the school receives $500. The acts of kindness can be anything from paying a compliment, writing a kind note or helping someone out, just to name a few. The only stipulation is the $500 must be used for community or curriculum endeavors. The schools involved in Do Kinds pilot project

You can read about the success of one of Do Kind’s pilot school’s here on MSN.

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