Vietnam Veteran Collecting Money For Service Dog Charity Receives Surprise Donation.

cred. Saving Grace K9s

Gerry Burchfield, a Marine and Vietnam Veteran, suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. To help him cope with the stress and anxiety he was able to get a service dog named Angel. Angel has helped Gerry so much that Gerry now works diligently to help other veterans in need get their own service dogs.

For the past year Mr. Burchfield has been collecting money for Saving Grace K9s, an organization that provides trained service dogs to veterans at no cost.

One way that Mr. Burchfield was collecting money was setting up donation jars at restaurants. Back in December at one of these restaurants the collection jar was stolen and the money never returned.

This story, like all stories you will read about on Find The Good, has a happy ending however. Detective J.C. Akines, a police officer and veteran spoke with Burchfield about the theft and the man’s passion for helping other veterans was evident. Akines began taking up his own collections and presented Burchfield and Saving Grace K9s with $400 in donations he had received.

As a veteran myself this story hits close to home. I love reading about veterans helping veterans. You can learn more about Saving Grace K9s and/or donate to their cause at the link above. It costs around $1,500 to train and provide a service dog to a veteran.

Source: WXII12

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