Single Father Has Adopted 5 Children With Special Needs, Plans to Adopt More.

cred. Caters News Agency

“I just love being a dad.”

On the day after Father’s Day here is a story to warm your heart. In the past 10 years now 35-year-old Ben Carpenter of England has adopted 5 children, all of them with special needs. Most recently Carpenter adopted 1-year-old Noah who has a rare genetic disorder known as Cornelia de Lange syndrome that causes developmental challenges. Carpenter’s 4 other children – Jack 11, Ruby 8, Lily 6, & Joseph 3 – also have special needs like autism and developmental malformations.

Carpenter previously worked with adults and children with disabilities before he decided that he wanted to adopt. As a single man he did not expect to be taken seriously by the court system, but he says he was “over the moon when they did.”

God bless this man. This story hit me right in the feels this morning. The home and care he has provided for these children is so beautiful. This may not look like a traditional family, but you can see the love this man has for his children and I am sure the love they have for him.

Read more of this incredible story here.

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