Police Officer Becomes A Mentor for Young Man He Once Arrested.

CBS News

“He treated me with compassion and understanding, and he never treated me less than, not once. To this day, he still builds my worth and self esteem,”

6 years ago Rameil Pitamber robbed a Little Caesars at gunpoint. This was an act completely out of character for the then 17-year-old honor student who was reeling from the death of his father.

“I was lost. I had a lot to prove. And I felt like to prove it, I had to be tough,” Pitamber said, describing the life changing act “I was a follower, and one poor decision led to the next.”

He was arrested, convicted of felony armed robbery and criminal confinement, and sentenced to 11 years in prison. Brian Nugent of Avon, Indiana was the arresting officer.

PItamber was released early for good behavior and got a job at Goodwill. One day he recognized someone dropping off a donation, it was Nugent, the man who had arrested him. Pitamber reintroduced himself to Nugent, who remembered the young man he had once arrested.

Pitamber asked something of Nugent. He asked if he would mentor him. “My goal was to not go back to prison. But I didn’t 100% know what to do to not go back to prison,” he said. “And I knew that he knew that.” 

Nugent accepted on the condition that they talk every month, go to lunch together and have conversations. Both men have described how beneficial this new relationship has been for both of them, but Pitamber’s mother summed it up best.

“I hope that people can see, with everything that is going on, is all it takes is respect on both sides,” Daphne Harris said. “It’s more good kids out there than bad. It’s more good police out there than bad.”  

Source: CBS

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