Teacher Working a Second Job is Given a Generous Tip by Appreciative Parents.

Source: Catherine Acampora-Nielsen/Facebook

A special education teacher at Lakewood Middle School in Lakewood, NJ was on the receiving end of a generous tip from two appreciative parents.

Catherine Acampora-Nielsen is a special education teacher, but she also works as a waitress at a local seafood restaurant. Two of her customers left her a sizable tip as well as a note expressing their appreciation for her work.

The couple left the teacher a $100 tip on their $70.96 bill, and they wrote “Thank you for teaching our kids – teachers shouldn’t have to work weekends!” on the receipt.

It is so good to see teachers appreciated for their hard work. Most people do not see all of the work that teachers do. Showing appreciation doesn’t always have to be a big tip, even a note, or an email just letting your child’s teaching know that you appreciate them can go a long way.

Source: MSN

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