7-Year-Old Child Raised $17,000 to Give Stuffed Animals to Patients at Cleveland Area Children’s Hospital.

Now 7-year-old Alex Walker was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 11 months old. Because of her condition she was forced to spend many days and hours in the hospital. While in the hospital she noticed other children that did not have teddy bears to comfort them. She was moved to act and told her mom that she wanted to give her bears to those children. Alex’s mother told her that the bears had to be new, so Alex went to work and saved up enough Chuck E. Cheese tokens to purchase teddy bears for this children.

What started as a few tokens at Chuck E. Cheese soon turned into $17,000 raised online for Alex’s Fluffy Buddies, Alex’s charity that purchases teddy bears for children at the hospital. Alex’s teddy bears are piled high in her wagon that she pulls down the halls of the hospital and she personally delivers them and smiles to the children.

Alex says her goal is to one day have 100,000 bears. With her generous and entrepreneurial spirit I have no doubt she will meet and exceed her goal. Children helping children is a beautiful thing. Adults take note.

You can follow Alex’s Fluffy Buddies on Facebook.

Source: Fox 8 Cleveland

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