9-year-old Saves up Allowance to Pay Classmates Lunch Debt.

Sometimes we as adults need children to show us how to treat others. A 9-year-old kid from Napa, California showed a compassion we could all learn from. Ryan Kyote saw a news story about a 5-year-old girl who was not able to eat lunch at school because she couldn’t afford it. This obviously upset him, so he talked to his mom and decided to do something.

Ryan’s mom called their own school districts food services department to learn about their lunch policy and the find out just how much Ryan’s classmates had in lunch debt. She was told that his 3rd grade classmates owed $74.50 for unpaid lunches.

Hearing this, Ryan collected his allowance and took it to school. He and his mom took the money to the office and after explaining what they were doing the school used the money to pay off the debt.

“He told the school secretary, ‘can you please tell my friends’ families that they don’t owe any money for lunch’.” Ryan’s mom said.

As my own personal aside, its really sad that in 2019 we are still charging children for school lunches and punishing them when they cannot pay. No child should be allowed to go hungry.

Source: CBS News

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