From Homeless to Harvard

Photo cred. CBS News

18-year-old Athena Capo-Battaglia and her mother Lorraine lived in a homeless shelter all through high school after her mother lost her job and was diagnosed with cancer. For many people this would be the start of a tragic story, but Lorraine worked hard to make sure her daughter was still able to attend school, and Athena used it as motivation to work hard for her mother.

And boy did she. Athena graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA, despite her families economic situation. She applied to 25 colleges, just hoping one of them would accept her, and it worked out even beyond her wildest expectations. She was notified that she would be receiving a full ride scholarship from one of the most prestigious colleges in America, Harvard University.

“I just saw all the confetti and I was like ‘wait, WAIT!'”

Athena Capo-Battaglia

Athena just finished her first year at Harvard and is studying to be a neuroscience, and while she may still live in a shelter with her mother she doesn’t let that discourage her. She uses her circumstances to motivate her to succeed for her mother who worked hard to provide for her.

It is good to be reminded that no matter how difficult our situations might be, we can always find hope, sometimes it just takes hard work and a never give up attitude.

Source: CBS News

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