A baby raccoon is saved through the power of social media.

When a woman returning home with her dogs from a dog park discovered a small raccoon curled up in her drive way she had no idea what to do. She took a photo of the apparently injured animal and showed it to her boss who promptly posted it to the MAINE wildlife Facebook group.

Hundreds of people commented on the post and several offered to come help, one of those people was Kathi Reed of Lil’ Rascals Wildlife Rehabilitation. Kathi asked for directions and made her way to the scene where she took the injured raccoon, later named “Luke”, and helped to nurse him back to health.

As it would later turn out, Luke was not the only raccoon in need of an assist. Luke had siblings. Luke’s brother and 3 sisters were also found nearby. They had fallen out of the tree and were injured and mom was no where to be seen. All 5 are in the caring hands of Lil’ Rascals Wildlife Rehabilitation center, who believe they will be able to be released back into the wild no worse for the wear.

I will take all of the cute animal stories you have, please and thank you.

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