5-year-old used her allowance to buy blessing bags for the homeless.

“She has an allowance, she cleans her room and helps me with chores, but instead of buying toys … we will go to the Dollar Tree, we will buy ponchos, umbrellas,”

I love this story. You can tell when a child has been raised right, and 5-year-old Tynslee Blue is being raised right. After her mother bought a meal for a homeless man, Tynslee had questions, like “where is his house?” “What does he do if it rains?” or “What if it gets cold?”. Respect to mom for not dodging these difficult questions and being honest with her daughter. Tynslee decided to act. Instead of using her allowance money to buy toys she now takes trips with her mom to the Dollar Tree to purchase things like ponchos and umbrellas and snacks which she packs in Ziploc bags to hand out around town.

I wish more adults were as action minded as little Tynlee. Well done to her mom and dad as well.

Source: GMA

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